Stake and Relax pool running excellent

After the successful hard fork event, the long-awaited Shelley era has come. From now on all ADA holders can delegate their ADA to stake pools to get a return on their stake. While we are still in the first epoch of the Shelley era, already 700 stake pools are registered on the blockchain. In general, this is a good thing for the decentralization of Cardano, but when we analyze the stake pools, we see that some pool-operators have created up to 20 stake pools. In the unwishful circumstance that all these stake pools are saturated the stake distribution becomes more centralized then necessary.

We have decided to go for only one stake pool that gets our full undivided attention and we don’t have to share resources. After some endurance and stress testing, we can say that the nodes are running excellent. We are ready to start producing blocks as soon as the decentralization parameter starts decreasing and we start moving from centralized federated nodes towards a decentralized stake pool operated system.